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Counting Scale
ID: P0214
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Remainder Indication

Counting is a result of calculation TOTAL WEIGHT / UNIT WEIGHT Bar-graph shows a remainder of the calculation result.

SCS Sampling (automatic re-sampling system)

Count only 5 pieces and load them, then just follow the instructions on the display. You get highly-reliable sampling result.

CR Counting (no re-sampling method, or fixed unit weight method)

Take one representative weight as a unit weight. Load samples by degrees pressing piece correction key in the intervals. When loading up the whole samples, you can count them right with no re-sampling.

Model CUXⅡ-600D CUXⅡ-1500D CUXⅡ-3000D CUXⅡ-6000D CUXⅡ-12KD
Capacity 600g 1500g 3000g 6000g 12000g
Weight readability with high resolution setting in perenthesis 0.01g
Resolution in counting 1mg 2.5mg 5mg 10mg 20mg
Countable unit weight 1mg 2.5mg 5mg 10mg 20mg
Max counting 600,000 pieces (9,999,999 pieces with accumulator)
Pan size φ 140mm 234 × 204mm
Dimension 260 × 344 × 108mm
Weight 3.6kg 3.8kg

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