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HBT165A Rebar Bending
ID: P0383
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HBT165A Rebar Bending Testing Machine (160kN)
- This equipment is designed to perform bend test on metallic materials, like rod steel, plate steel and threaded steel. It features dual-direction hydraulic loading, easy to bend specimen with diameter less than 40mm to 180°. Hand wheel drives dual-direction screw lead to adjust the support roller span. The support roller is self-lock; no need any spanner to tighten. Plug-in type mandrel is simple to change.
- This equipment provides speed adjustment function, and displacement and speed display function, fully complying with Clause 6.3 of ISO 7438:2005: “In case of dispute, a testing rate of (1 ± 0,2) mm/s shall be used”. It can also real-time display bending angle and facilitate for various angle tests.

1.   This machine is horizontal structure with height of 900mm, easy to operate

2.   Two support rollers and mandrel can firstly bend the specimen to 180°, then main cylinder returns. Vice cylinder and two compression plates can further bend the specimen and guarantee 180°bend test, fully satisfying standard requirements.

3.   Displacement transducer can measure the displacement and speed and transfer the data to microcomputer, display on LCD screen after calculation. LCD screen can display test speed, piston displacement and bend angle.

4.   Manual value to control cylinder action, easy to operate and high efficiency

5.   Hydraulic loading, motor driving and compact construction with low noise, high reliable performance and is easy to operate.

6.   Equipped with protection shields to protect users against injury caused by specimens

7.   Equipped with manual hand wheel to adjust clearance between support roller to accommodate specimens of varying diameters and shapes, also with changeable mandrels.


GB/T 232-1999, ISO 7438




Max pushing force(KN)


Main cylinder max travel(mm)


Vice cylinder max force(kN)


Vice cylinder max travel(mm)


Support roller diameter(mm)


Distance between the rollers(mm)


Mandrel diameter(mm)

2.75~192mm(can be customized)

Round specimen diameter(mm)


Flat specimen thickness(mm)


Max. bending angle


Power consumption(kW)

2.2 (380V, 50Hz)

Main dimension(mm)


Weight (kg)


Cộng đồng


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Kinh doanh HCM

+84.28.377 11635

400 Nguyễn Thị Thập, P.Tân Quy, Q.7, TP.HCM

Email: tvnc_contact@tamsuivn.com


Kinh doanh Hà Nội

+84.24.32 474748

N02-T3 Tầng 4, Tòa Nhà Quang Minh, Khu Đoàn Ngoại Giao, P.Xuân Tảo, Q.Bắc Từ Liêm, Thành phố Hà Nội.

Email: tvnc_contact@tamsuivn.com


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N02-T3 Tầng 4, Tòa Nhà Quang Minh, Khu Đoàn Ngoại Giao, P.Xuân Tảo, Q.Bắc Từ Liêm, Thành phố Hà Nội.


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